Influence Map by zi0808

Influence Map


7 December 2014 at 08:43:19 MST

Influence Map By Fox-Orian

RPG Maker : This is one of the reason i started drawing from the first place. I wanted to draw my own character, and my very first characters were based on stock RM Characters.

FayForest : An artist who did a full set of potraits for characters inside RM Series, and his/her art was my first role model, believe it or not. My old arts resemble a lot of this style.

Mizuho (Otoboku) : This character is a TRAP. This is the first time that i 've ever saw character like that and i was pretty shocked. At the same time, pretty impressed and i have been drawing traps as well for a while after seeing this. One of my friend introduced me to the anime.

Anime/Manga ( Japanese Styled Drawings ) : I don't watch anime but i liked digging into the those kind of art style and i've been drawing in those style for a while before i somehow got my own style and changed a lot of things.

Nekomimi (Cat Eared Girls) : For some reason, this was one of my biggest favorite. Especially, when girls are a bit mature and has good curve. Currently i don't prefer it too much.

Terminator : I am a fucking fanboy for this series. But to be honest, i like first 2 movies, and rest is kinda bleh. All i can say is this has affected me a lot. Especially i can say T-800 is one of the motivations for my character Hellcat.

Sarah Connor (By Linda Hamilton) : I have to say that Sarah Connor is one of the most badass female character that i've ever seen, But it's limited to the Sarah acted by Linda Hamilton. I just can't get myself to like Sarah by other actors. No one kicks much ass as Linda Hamilton. Anyway, another big motivations for some of my characters.

FPS Games and Weapons : I like shooting things up. I cannot lie. I've been drawing guns since i was in elementary school as well.

Dogs : I liked them since i was a little boy. But unfortunately i never had chance to actually get one in real life. For now i just watch photos / videos of dogs every day, some of them actually giving me some motivation on art. + I was born on year of dogs.

Metal Gear Solid : I didn't knew about the game until the year of 2011~2012. I first started with MGSPW, then i fell in love with that game. Played MGS 1,2,3 on Emulated / PC Versions. Currently i'm waiting for Phantom Pain, i have to say this gives me a lot of inspirations for my game project and characters.

the godly SINDOLL : I watched all bits of his arts even when i wasn't considering myself as furry. I just like everything he draws, and actually affected me
a LOT.

Kobayashi : Another Kemono Artist who has affected me quite a lot. Sadly, he hasn't been making any arts for a long time and he doesn't seem to be active in any other sites than his own homepage.

Kazuhiro : Another Kemono Artist, Definitely love his art too.

Wolfy-Nail : You all know who this is. I have to say that i practiced with his art from time to time. I like his art a lot.

Renamon : No description needed.

Gay Furry : Previously i clearly considered myself as straight and was kinda homophobic, to be honest. But as i grow homophobic thing faded away, and i actually somehow found Gay Furry really sexy. Now i draw them myself, lol.

Crysis : Not related too much to furry, but to my project.

Muscle : I like them muscles... yep. Not too much though.

Dat ass and Boobs : I like them big = w =.