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Game Night by Zeta-Haru

Game Night


20 August 2017 at 01:50:00 MDT

For Harzipan on Furaffinity


This a mix between commission and personal artwork with Harzy. My friend is into diapers and I'm supportive of him. It's not something I'm into myself, but I respect it and made this art of us as kids playing a video game!

Lately I've been taking care of my mental and physical health, some problems came along the way but I'm starting to feel better so don't worry about oki~ And this is the last commission I had to do before getting back to Weekend 2 pages! Finally am I right? I will do my best on them and I hope you enjoy the next art posts, and buy the physical version when it's released on Inkedfur!
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    looks very cute !

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    reminds me of my own childhood, except is was a N64 and a ps2. :P

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    Ah, the PSone. Such a beautiful little machine! Great work!!!