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Sushi Leftovers by Zeta-Haru

Sushi Leftovers


A new art of me and mytigertail after 8 months, this sketch was created in the same week as the previous one where we're showering together, and just like the last one, it is also based on real life.

Earlier in 2016 we went to the last edition of Abando, the camp fur event we went to meet each other and furry friends. This was almost exactly how my first morning after the trip looked like. I couldn't sleep much so I spent the first hours of the day looking at the window, sitting on the hotel desk and eating the sushi leftovers from our dinner. It was somehow mesmerizing looking at the sky on one side, and at the love of my life peacefully sleeping by the other side. I think it was one of those moments where I realized I was alive and existing, that's why it felt important that I recorded it in an artwork.
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    (Long time watcher, seldom commenter) There is a certain softness to your art pieces that I've not really seen anywhere else. I can't quite put my talon on it, but it's very soothing to the eye and looks warm to the touch.

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    I thought that looked like dawn rather than dusk!

    Something lovely about that time of day no matter what day. Quiet and calm mornings with few people out and about.