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Weekend 2 - Page 17 by Zeta-Haru

Weekend 2 - Page 17


1 September 2016 at 20:04:31 MDT

I have to apologize for the long wait (Damn those two were sleeping for 2 months haha). But it's finally here! There was an update on a few pages of the Chapter 1, I mentioned them in a recent journal, check it out if you're interested ^^

And as always, thank you for supporting me and keeping this comic alive! Some didn't know but the last two months were probably the worse I had in years, lots of problems and conflicts irl, but I was working to solve them and trying to take care of my mind and health in general, and it's better now, and now that most of the obstacles are out of my way, all I feel like doing is making progress in this comic as a form of "thank you". I didn't want to reduce the quality and I wouldn't give up on a project that got so much support and is already 1/3 done. So one more time: Thank you.

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