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Meet Taylor and Kate! by Zeta-Haru

Meet Taylor and Kate!


3 August 2015 at 17:57:26 MDT

(I could swear I posted this here before)

They are the new characters that are going to be featured in the upcoming comic Weekend 2!

Taylor Tuckerman - 21, male, dragon

Studies in the same college as Joel, and is his friend since high school. He owns a car and is always looking for new experiences. Often considers dropping college to pursue his dreams.

Kate Brown - 20, female, cat

She's a friend of Joel for a year now and aspires to become a professional photographer. She has been a friend to Taylor for a longer time, and even if it looks like they don't have much in common, they're really good friends.

(Patrons already got to see the concept art/sketches of them before and also got to see little maps of the locations that will be in the comic).

And thank you guys for the name suggestions! Unfortunally I can't really credit someone for the names because there were lots of repeated and similar names in the list, so instead of thanking one person or a couple of them, I want to thank you ALL for the help and faith in this comic series. <3

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