Poem without Reason... by Zeriphon

Poem without Reason

Nor Sarum Res Al Tlar,
Mirham Sukomresh,
Gubis Listu Kamitus,
Olorem Rakaesh.

Falnahrem Listu Kamitus,
Klateus Tar Suk Dem,
Palei Almaf Gulmidus,
Ostolik Rak Lib Tsem.

Narbis, Narbis, Astolar,
Meltif Relorem,
Rakaesh Listu Res Dar
Mutsab Olorem.

Poem without Reason...


19 June 2014 at 01:19:15 MDT

Welcome to a little magical practice. ;)

This poem is made out of magical words, which (at least for those, which haven't studied magic until now ;) ) aren't making any sense. This poem is about the magical "sound of words", which has the effect, to allow the reader, to switch to almost every possible (and wanted) mood. To do so, you have to remember, that letter-combinations, such as "ae, oe, ue, eu, ei" etc. have to be read as "a e, o e, u e, e u, e i" etc. .

Of course, the effect depends on the person, which uses the words, so people who just want to try it for fun, won't have a strong effect. Try reading it loud for at least 3, or 4 times, while concentrating on the mood that you want. And don't forget to intonate. ;)

Have fun and if you had "strange" experiences, while reading this, feel free to write a comment about it. ;)

(Interested in more magical & occult stuff? Feel free to visit my paranormal forum. ;) www.das-unglaubliche.de.vu (german language!))

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