C: Shanderia by Zephyrue

C: Shanderia


11 March 2015 at 17:21:57 MDT

Artistic liberty design commission for Emmacreatures!

I'm very attached to this design, and look forward to the suit and commissioned artwork to come.

This was a lot of work, thus it was quite a pricey design.

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    So pretty T_T

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    Hii zephyrue!

    As I wanted to tell you that a small package is on your way on FA, I saw your page was disabled.. So I thought why not send a message on here! I tried to send you a message on here, but it refused me to send it.. So I will just leave this here!

    Well, as I already mentioned, A small package is currently on its way to a certain country! :) Sadly because of school I wasn't able to send a big package plus due having difficulties at home :( , but I wanted to send a small thing or at least something after the long wait! So I did ! It will arrive in probably 3 days or so! <3

    Hope it all is nice over there at your place!

    ~ Akumu <3

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    Reported for you. I am sorry someone is posting your art without your permission. :< http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6826651/

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      I'm quite late but thank you so much for the help!

      It's been resolved, and hopefully they've learned their lesson.