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Commissions Open

on 21 July 2015 at 06:03:21 MDT

I think I'll get my ass into gear and work my ass off on commissions, even if it kills me haha. I want to try and save as much as I can to see some friends of mine in a few months time.

Please send me a note so we can discuss details!

I'll be taking 10 slots or so, we'll see!

More examples of my work are on Weasyl:


Full bodied illustration with simple background - £90
Half bodied illustration - £50
Busts > £30
Custom Designs > Varies between £100 to £190 (depending on complexity)

General Rules:

I do not draw porn or fetish related works.
I refuse to work with bright neon colours and overly cluttered/complex characters for the time being.
I do not accept commissions of trademarked characters.
I reserve the right to decline any commission without question.
All customers will receive the high resolution .png of the artwork.

Please send me a visual reference of your character. The more the better.

I will not work with deadlines. I will get your commission done no matter what.
I may take some artistic liberty with characters’ accessories such as clothes and jewellery depending on what I see is fit for the image.

Payment Policies:

I only accept money via Paypal in GBP.
I start commissions as soon as payment is received.


Alterations to the image are not allowed without being notified.
I retain full commercial and distribution rights on any image I produce.
In no way or form am I claiming the character(s) drawn in my commissioned images.
If the commissioner would like to repost, a proper credit would be very appreciated.
The commissioner may use the commission image as they please for personal use only.

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    Are you still active?

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    thanks for the fav gurl >U>

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    Nice Gallery! :3

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    I'm my original character; blen.

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    Thank you for the watch! I love your work. :3

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    Your work is beautiful!

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    You are alive! Missing those late night shenanigans. <3

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    Your gallery is breathtaking. I am in love x3