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13 December 2019 at 13:56:31 MST

Hi there! I'm Zephyr Panthur, Aka Gale Rysoro. I have been in the Furry fandom for over 20 years and have always wanted to contribute some kind of art to the fandom. I have dabbled in traditional art with pen and paper, Tried digital art, and coloring. I was always able to make some thing but was never proud of what I was able to produce. After years of trying different things, I feel that I have finally found something I have some talent in, 3D Modeling.

I started playing around with blender when 2.8 came out. I saw online that there was some major improvements to the software. I have tried to use blender in the past, but couldn't figure out how to do simple things that I was able to do in more expensive software. Now, I have not played around with 3d modeling since I was a kid, so that was a very long time ago. I picked up the new version of Blender, and started playing with it, and was surprised that with foreknowledge into the software, I was able to start producing things quickly. Each creation I have made has improved, and developed into something more amazing. I start building, and try to make something, run into a roadblock, and get online and do some research. Now I have a new tool/skill and can use that to make even better things.

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