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[YCH COMIC] The Chocolate Factory - Page 14 by ZephyrInflatedDragon

[YCH COMIC] The Chocolate Factory - Page 14


Alternate version:

Looks like Wonka's Oompa Loompas can't help him out either! At least they're still producing candy, unorthodox ones at that!


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    Welp, There goes my helpers. They've all inflated as giant round spheres. And I would be the next to follow. Although for me, I much prefer the blueberry one then the others. I hate to see myself floating in outer space or as a chocolate ball in a store. The egg one, well maybe so or maybe not, it depends.

    By the way ZephyrInflatedDragon, Fantastic job with the comic. I love it so much it's now considered my all time favorites. You have taken one of my favorite stories of "What if all the kids swell up? And put it in visual format. I do look forward to seeing what else you have in store. Keep up the great work. =D =)

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      Thank you lots, and thanks especially for all the comments, they were fun to read! Glad you enjoy it! I have more of my work posted on FurAffinity than I do here, if you have one of those

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        I have Deviantart, Furaffinity, and this one. =3 So I'm pretty much expanding myself to other accounts really.