[YCH] K-n3ko and the Cake of Wondrous Doom - Full Sequence by ZephyrInflatedDragon

[YCH] K-n3ko and the Cake of Wondrous Doom - Full Sequence


8 October 2017 at 05:58:03 MDT

Only now am I able to tell the tale of the Dragon-kitty's birthday, and the events that followed. It started with a cake made by his good friend ...

The Dragon-kitty knew almost immediately after the cake hit his stomach that something was off.... now he's bloating out of control! And his friend looks eager to get a piece of the belly!...

After the initial shock, the Dragon-Kitty was okay with it... it felt comfy on his body, and just wanted a squishy belly-hug.

As his growth slowed, the dragon-kitty grabbed a great handful of cake, bringing it to his mouth, bolted towards him to stop him from eating any more.

As he was pushed up against the walls by the still-expanding mass of flab, wished that he didn't make the cake so... potent! Especially given that there was still 75% of the cake remaining!

YCH commission for kN3k0