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[Daily Draw - 150] A E S T H E T I C D R A G O N by ZephyrInflatedDragon

[Daily Draw - 150] A E S T H E T I C D R A G O N


So, I'm unironic trash and really dig vaporwave. And I've been dealing with my VCR the last few days not only playing my SNES but digitizing family VHS tapes. Thus, this emerged.

And the pause is significant.

Day 150. A round figure, but insignificant, other than it will be my last, for now.
It's been a good run, and I've made and posted more art in these last 150 days than in any one year of my life.
But I've gotten so tired of forcing myself to be creative and the products of it are so lackluster.

I will not stop posting. I still have good ideas to draw, and I will still draw for burstdays and holidays, etc, and will not hesitate to post them after they are finished. But the Daily Part of Daily Draws is going away. And we welcome irregularity back into my life.

I've posted 156 pieces of art for Daily Draws, gained about 200 watchers, and about 8000 pageviews, so I'd call this whole shabang pretty successful