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Music is Love, in search of a word.

My name is Zenuel, I'm a professional voice actor and musician, I make indie games sound awesome and then I make silly noises at people in video games with my husband. I've been making music for almost ten years now, voice acting for even longer.

My husband and I are pretty hardcore introverts, so please don't be offended if we don't respond to everything!

21 year old, gay male, taken by my beautiful and brilliant husband~

Latest Journal

Alright; here's whats happening.

You know how I say I've got a lot goin' on? Gee I'm so busy, blah blah blah. All the gawd damn time?

To make absolutely certain I'm not betraying my promises I'm going to lay down a list of all the things I've got in motion, just so I can apologize in advance because man am I exhausted; please understand I guarantee all of these things are going to be finished, some even this year, if you're following my Patreon it's an ENORMOUS help and I'm incredibly honoured to have you. <3

Level 1--

× There's a new(good) album happening, yaaay

× Anubis for VA:

Level 2--

× Anubis (Female & Updates) for VA:

× Patreon up-to-date-ness:

Level 3--

× In Between PC / Vita:

× Neko Space Race PC: (About a jillion-year-old video development wise)

× And finally trying to find a job; hobbies are not cutting it.


Yeesh; so please when I apologize for my absence or slowing of content I want desperately for everyone to know I'm doing my best and not to worry, if you're involved in any of the above things, it's happening! :D

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Personal Score • Personal Mini Album

Personal Mini Album
from C$ 80.00
to C$ 100.00

Single songs • Theme music

Single Theme
from C$ 20.00
to C$ 30.00

Styles I am unable to accommodate are limited mostly to DubStep or Remixes, I do original work, please do not ask for either of these~

May include, but are by no means limited to:

Ambiant • Soft • Mood

Trance • Dance • Electronic

Power • Build Up • Progression

Story • Voice Work



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      Hehe it's always a pleasure! You work is absolutely outstanding; you should be proud. <3

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