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digiriogo aka digi by zenol leytan

digiriogo aka digi

zenol leytan

name: digiriogo aka digi
species: digimon
level: champion
gender: default is male
height: 2 feet
weight: 17.5 lbs
home: Florida
birthplace: digital world
clothing: two gloves and a digital magic collar
personality: friendly, brave, loyal, sweet hearted.
likes: inflation if all kinds, exploring, making new friends, experimenting with new tech, snuggles, petting, bath time, sweets, kids, belly rubs, giving people big bellies, getting a big belly, and surfing the net (literally)
dislikes: seeing others cry, bullies, shadow clones, lethal bursting, people stepping on his tail, pudding monsters (was terrorized by them as a child. ;n; ) seeing his friends hurt, not being able to help.
forms gained: kitten squid, inkling, slime, pikachu, mew, and mimic. more forms to be collected in the future.

back story: digi is a digital being born from the data collected about and most of his abilities, who ever even though he dose contain his personality profile he doesn't share total similarities to him in this respect as he has some good qualities from him but has more then enough to make him unique, he dose share the magic collar like riolu dose only its neon green and has a pid tag instead of a pokeball tag, he dose share the fondness for inflation how ever, he also has a small scar on his left elbow when he fell off the monkey bars at the playground, it is unclear if he has rage forms like riolu as there is little to no data on those forms in any system, he has never actually met his "brother" in person or even knows he exists yet, but down the line he may actually meet him, his pid tag allows him to change into his various forms that he collects by double tapping the icon and saying a keyword.

based on with his consent.
digimon belongs to bandai
made using this base… rights for said base belong toe the one that posted it.

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