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Commission for GemAntelope by Zenithell

Commission for GemAntelope


Super great commission for GemAntelope ( of their gemsbok dragon! They are super patient to work with and I loved doing this. They gave me artistic freedom on the background so I tried my best to do something new that I hadn't done before! I'm big on cool colors, but went warm!

Thank you!


ALT TEXT: This image features a long, slender gemsbok (a species of antelope) type wingless dragon flying in the air. It is a mixture of grayish browns, with two long thin horns protruding from its head. Behind it is a large orange and brown desert filled with sand dunes, further back being a large setting sun in the left corner, while the night sky is just peaking through in the top right, a few twinkling stars. A large series of red and orange clouds are lazily floating in the background. The dragon has a smirk on its face, and its head is turned slightly to your left. It has bright yellow eyes.


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