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Slight of Paws by Zenion Infinitium

Slight of Paws

Zenion Infinitium

A short story featuring my character Zenny and a friend's character Axel
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Leading his group of Marauders via horseback, the leader, a large sabretooth tiger, held his paw up, announcing they’d rest for the night as the sun set in the distance.
With him, over 20 furs agreed and began setting up camp. 5 of them moved the cart into the clearing, where inside, about 7 malnourished and ragged slaves shuffled around while seated. Within the cart, a small feline tiger growled as he was chained at the hands and knees.

The feline in the cage watched his captors set up camp, start a fire, and get food. Then he focused his attention on their leader. It was brief, but he managed to see the sabretooth take out an orange orb from a bag full of gold. He tossed the bag of gold to his minions and went inside a private tent. The small amur tiger seethed with rage at having his treasure stolen from him.

“Get out and get to work!” A bear growled as he smacked the cage, breaking the tiger from his concentration.

The slaves were led out to do menial tasks like cleaning up clothes, gathering firewood, and picking food they weren’t allowed to eat. The tiger snuck some food into his rag clothes and waited patiently for his chance. That night, after everyone ate and fallen asleep, the orange tiger made his move.

After eating the fruits and berries he stowed away, he used his sharp claws to pick the locks on his body, slipped through the bars, and quietly landed on the ground. He stealthily made his way to the leader’s tent who was asleep in a chair, the orb nicely placed in the center of the table. The sabretooth snored loudly and gave the younger cat enough time to quietly take the orange orb and flee.

He ran into the forest despite how dark it was, looking over his shoulder from time to time to make sure he wasn’t being followed. He eventually made it to the river and sighed. “I made it,” Axel said.

Axel looked over the orb and its reflection. “You’re my ticket to getting everything I want.” He rubbed the orb gently with his thumb and after seeing a small glow in the reflection, he flinched, and the orb shot out his paws and fell into the water.

“Nice try kid,” said the sabretooth from atop a tree. In his hands were a bow and arrow, both of which glowed. “Try and move, I dare ya.”

Axel momentarily froze but refused to be scared, he turned to jump in the water, but an arrow pierced his shoulder. The sabretooth jumped down to the ground and approached the river as Axel grabbed the orb that sunk to the bottom of the river.
Suddenly the river shot upward, forming a vortex with Axel in the center. It shielded him from the arrows the sabretooth fired off and Axel watched the orange orb glow. Black sand circulated from inside the orb to outside, forming a small twister.

Axel, confused, and amazed, watched as the black sand grew larger and then shrunk a little and a creature appeared. With a white tail tip still attached to the orb, the black sand melted off the orange fur of the vulpine. In a white suit, red bowtie, and white top hat, a small kit floated in the air and stretched all his limbs.

“Nothing like a nice midnight swim to wake up the senses,” it spoke, red eyes flashing mischievously. “You’re the new holder of my orb? Awesome!” He smiled widely with a wink.

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