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Hello! My name is Zen Malori Fetcher! While I can draw traditionally, I consider myself more of a digital artist. I tend to draw plenty of rodents and other cute, squeaky fuzzy creatures!

I also love to play music and I play a fair number of instruments including the keyboard, guitar, bass, trombone and drums. I like to listen to all sorts of genres and record a bit myself!

Aside from that, I like to roleplay a bit on the various MUCKs I'm on, play video games such as Planetside 2, Warframe and Marvel Heroes and go to various conventions like Further Confusion, Anthrocon and Rainfurrest.
That's about it!
I certainly hope you enjoy what you see here! Feel free to leave a comment or say hi! :)

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My take on recent situations. [RANT]

on 18 May 2016 at 19:52:36 MDT

So yeah... I really didn't want to post or get involved on any of the whole FA's down drama... but I'm getting irritated enough at this point from just hearing about it so much that I don't really care to restrain myself at this point.

Look, I understand that FA may not be the best art site out there. It has it's flaws, plenty of them. It is however, my choice and preference at the moment and it'd be greatly appreciated if people would quit looking down on me or others who prefer FA like we're either lazy, stupid, or inferior.

Just to clarify, a preference is greater liking of one option or choice of another. That means of the choices I've been given, I tend to like FA over the others... just as you are entitled to have your choice and preferences. So when I start seeing a bunch of people trying to shame and insult me for my preferences, the first thing that comes to mind to me is 'Fuck you'. I find it to be as immature and pointless as the whole Xbox vs Playstation, Mac vs Windows, PC vs Console bullshit.

So if you like or dislike FA,Weasyl, DA, IB, FN, that's fine. Don't be a prick about it. Leave people to their preferences.

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