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Profile & {My dA and my FA}

Call me Zenana, Zenni or Zenny, which ever you prefer honestly. I am not new to the art world, I was known by something previous to being Zenana. Those that ever watched me be it from FA or dA should know me when I start posting art up.

Honestly I want to go to art school or take classes in art to better improve my work. There is always room for improvement. My art is alright, but it really could be better. I prefer traditional media vs. digital media when I draw but I can do both as I do like to dabble in different art types.

Honestly I do want to start doing commissions. But right now everything is closed until I got everything set up and such. But I also want people to see my art to decide if they want to commission me. So far I've sold one drawing and it was a good feeling the fact that it made a person happy because they felt like they couldn't live without the picture. When I do start I plan on having reasonable prices. I also know that some may not have the amount I may ask for, but I'm pretty flexible and would be willing to work something out for those that are extremely strapped for cash.

I'm a down to earth kind of girl. I love to write, draw as well as play video games. I do play WoW currently with some buddies. I play both Horde and Alliance side as I'm not for one faction or the other. Each has their strengths and flaws. And both sides are prone to having immature idiots on them. So it's not the factions I hate, it's the idiots that play them. I also play Xbox360, I have a Nintendo DS as well as some other choice systems. You're free to add me however if you want the info you will have to ask me or message me as I'm not going to post it up here. However any can add me to Steam. Sorry it's got like nothing on it at the moment, I have to re-buy all my games for it which is a set back and a little unfortunate. But was worth it to get away from a person whom I want contact with to be almost non existent.

If you've any questions or want to add my yahoo, feel free to ask. I normally don't turn anyone away that wants to talk.



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Friend in Need

on 18 February 2018 at 17:53:17 MST

Hello all, I don't know if she has an account here either but I'm trying to help out a friend that's fallen on hard times.

She only has a fur affinity account to my knowledge but she is selling adoptables to try to help make ends meet.

This is her page, please drop by and give her a look. ^.^

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