The Dragon Of the Lake by Zecon19

The Dragon Of the Lake


2 January 2019 at 10:42:28 MST

Having flown for many days, I found a small hole in a mountainside to slide into for the night. The rays of the setting sun shown through it as I climbed further into the crevice and heard the sound of running water. The stone glittered with an odd purple hue that was slick with age. Flying to a tiny stone in the center I land and hear a heavy voice rumble around me.
"What do you here child of blood? What is the meaning of this trespass?" I turn and see the blue face of a lake dragon. A large one at that. Flames licking from his teeth as he stares down at me with an unamused gaze. My own eyes stare back with calm as I raise my paw up to him and say, " I am one and everything, as are you. I ask for passage into your home as I have had a long journey and seek shelter from our enemies."
The Old dragon sneers down at me before letting out a bellow of a laugh.
He allowed me to stay as long as I leave the next morning. I did not disappoint.
( Characters and art by me)

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