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Yo guys, this is ZathosisDreamer but I am currently now being called Kronos Jackelhound. Kronos is my new hellhound fursona you will be seeing a heck of a lot more. Haven't been on for an extremely long time, however thats all changing now. I NEEDS MY FURRIES. Yes! I am a furry, don't judge yo, furry pride. I am also a creature creator and character designer for the millions of worlds I have in my head. I would love it if you did not heavily ref, copy, trace, and steal any of my works. I will find you and screen shots will be taken if you deny stealing anything. You all can also find me on my Instagram; Kronos_jackelhound. :3 Thank you and love ya.

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Sorry for being gone so long..

I do apologize for being gone for a while.. A lot has gone on in my busy life and I have a lot to keep up with now.. I have a Tumblr now if anyone wants to follow me:
I'm not sure if I'll be able to post stuff up here, but I will get my stuff up here when I can. I also have a DeviantART... But thats a bit personal. Like I said, I will post when I can up here.. Stay tuned for any new creations of mine.

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    I still apologize if everything I post ends up side ways again. Computer is not working currently so things are being posted from my phone. Will figure things out soon yo.

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    Ok, so i found out that all my things in this are completely wrong. I actually went on the computer and saw my art work upside down or sideways. What the heck?? I posted everything right side up yet things are still not right. Granted i posted everything from my phone well, im never doing that again. If its my dumb phone doing all this then i apologize, i am actually really mad at the fact that everything is just either sideways or upside down. The way it looks on my phone, everything is right side up! I dont get it! At all!

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    Shout out to Wolfe for being an awesome person and welcoming me to this strange place!! And also being the first friend i made on Weasyl!

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    No prob!

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    Thanks for the favs! xD