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I'm a furry artist that is currently looking for work if anyone is interested in commissioning me to do so. I only do requests for friends.

I love the furry community and I love improving my drawing abilities in any way that I can. I can also be found on Deviantart and on IMVU. My IMVU name is YamiOkamiChan. If you add me on there please send me a message telling me that you're from this community. ^.^

If you don't know what you'd like your fursona to look like then I can also help you figure out exactly how you want it to look ^.~

I prefer some type of payment before I give out the sketch. Must have complete payment before final product is given. :)

I do accept donations if anyone if anyone wants to show me love C: Send to my paypal at

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on 9 October 2014 at 17:51:12 MDT


~25% Off Sale On Everything~

Due to our water heater, which suddenly quit working for no apparent reason, we had to purchase a new one. With this happening we have been set back on bills for a month which has caused our electicity bill to shoot through the roof. There are 5 people that live in my house including me and there isn't much income. Two people are disabled and one is unable to work because of progressive blindness and hearing problems as well as some other issues, but doesn't get disability unlike the other 2 people do.

My boyfriend's income is what pays most of the bills/food, but we HAVE to pay a little over $300 before October 20th. He gets paid every 2 weeks so there's only one pay period we have to work with to pay this bill before our electricity is shut off. We're only able to take about $200 out to pay this bill, or risk other utilities being shut off, and that's taking a lot considering. I need any and all commissions I can get in order to help pay this bill.

I can't give a HUGE discount this time on my prices since they're already so low (no more than $10 normal price), but I need the money fast. I normally give quick turnarounds so you'll have your product within 1-3 days depending on how many people I have to commission me it may be a bit longer. I give works in pro gress to those I'm working for (sketch, lineart, color, final)

Donations are also greatly appreciated and donators will be put in a raffle after the sale ends to win a piece of art of their choosing and a permanant 50% discount on all future work. Just send me a message saying that you sent a donation and the name on your paypal account so I know who donated. ^-^
My paypal is
Normal Prices (colored/shading ask me about sketchs, lineart, and flat color)
Head Shot: $7
Half Body: $8.50
Full Body: $9
Ref Sheet: $10 (front/back view w/ flat color)


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Bust/Half Body
$ 8.50
Full Body
$ 9.00
Head Shot
$ 7.00

Flat Color

Bust/Half Body
$ 7.50
Full Body
$ 8.00
Head Shot
$ 6.50
Reference Sheet 2 Pose
$ 10.00


Bust/Half Body
$ 7.00
Full Body
$ 7.00
Head Shot
$ 6.00


Bust/Half Body
$ 5.50
Full Body
$ 6.00
Head Shot
$ 5.00


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