Xpray - Commission Zas Color2 by Zaseishin

Xpray - Commission Zas Color2


18 January 2014 at 02:08:12 MST

In my world, you never know when or where the veil of the supernatural will grow thin. Sometimes it's at ancient or sacred places, or it may just be around the corner. My last name, Tsukino, means "of the moon." So, I guess it makes sense that when Velute and I dance in the moonlight we feel magic. In this brief moment, we experience life times together. Our simple caresses convey so much. "I love you, baby," comes straight from the heart, before reaching our lips. And the best part? We're so lost in living this moment, that we don't even notice it end.

Lovely piece by Xpray. He's a super nice guy, and really really good with updating progress. Like I was surprised. I'm often with "Here's the lines? Good? Okay, next time you see will be the finished." Yet, he wanted to make sure I liked it. :3 Always loved his art, and very glad to get this. I of course wanted some porn too, but I'm starting to think I'd rather have clean art. I can't really show people I know smut while on the other hand I can be proud of owning this.

In other news, he completed this just in time for our anniversary (Velute and I). We met on March 15, 2001, and married March 15, 2010. Xpray had no knowledge that this date was coming up, so this was a treat!

Art © Xpray
Characters © Velute & Zaseishin

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