JESO - The Dangerous Couple Inks by Zaseishin

JESO - The Dangerous Couple Inks


18 January 2014 at 01:58:15 MST

DM: Okay. You've reached the mayor's office, and he says, "Thank the heavens! Our prayers have been answered! Adventurers! We are in need of your aid! The Demon King Arn--"
Zaseishin: I make an attack roll!
DM: What?
Zaseishin: On the mayor. I rolled an 18. I think that'll hit.
DM: ...
Zaseishin: Yay, rolled a 10 on damage and with my strength...
Velute: I'm looting the room!
DM: You...killed...the mayor...
Velute: I'm looting him too!
Zaseishin: Damn, right. I'm the mayor now. So where's this demon king?
DM: You gonna just take his job too!?
Velute: I bet he's got the Key to the City on him.
DM: ARG!!!!

Thought I might as well post this. Jeso seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth, which is very sad. I have had this ink of what was to be a color commission just over a year now. He alluded to me of some rough times, and then just went silent. So, I hope things are doing well for him now. He really was nice and it was fun chatting the little we did. I do wish this had made it to coloring, but then I'd rather know Jeso is alive. Hope you're doing well with whatever you've moved onto, J.

Oh right! About this! Well, I had pretty much given Jeso some references and a general idea of what I wanted. Then I told him to have fun with the concept. I must say I was surprised at seeing Zas so buff! But at the same time? It was too awesome to correct. I was like, "Damn, I like this." My description got him into a D&D state of mind, and I can see the character classes he favored. In the end? I love it when giving artistic licence produces something like this.

Art © Jeso
Characters © Velute & Zaseishin

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