Lucy Fidelis - Velute by Zaseishin

Lucy Fidelis - Velute


18 January 2014 at 01:26:55 MST

Finding a private beach off in Hawaii isn't easy. I can't say I've done it. Now a secluded beach? Something absolutely beautiful and cozy at the same time? Not so hard. There's a trick to that. It's my trick, so I'll just leave ya with it's about who you know and how well you make friends.

Ah, wasn't it magic? Just a gorgeous, warm night out on the beach--alone with a woman who can steal the light of the moon and make sand seem like dream dust sparkling in the night.

This was a very sweet gift by Lucy. She's a good artist that has a really cute style. She had asked for help on DA with one of her comics because she's not a native English speaker. I offered and she used some of my clean suggestions. She used a few people's suggestions, so don't know how much I helped and some punctuation didn't make the trip to paper but does read better nonetheless.

Either way she drew this as a surprise gift and it's very pretty! I'm impressed with how she got so much right without asking. Go see her! See if you'd like a commission. Lots of her stuff is really cute.

Oh right, mature for slight wardrobe malfunctions.

Art © Lufidelis
Characters © Velute

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