Jay Naylor - Zaseishin & Velute by Zaseishin

Jay Naylor - Zaseishin & Velute


18 January 2014 at 01:19:27 MST

It's always fun to surprise the bounty. There's many ways to do it and we always assess the threat. In this case? Well, the "Oak Woods Corsairs" gang knows how to swing weapons but have no idea how to use them. So, Velute and I just dropped in on their hideout. I love savoring this juicy moment. Calling their attention to our little pose like some kind of super heroes...watching the dumb ones start to rage and smart ones realize just how deep they're in it.

In the next few seconds there will be chaos. A few big shots will charge us and be cut down. Then we'll see who scatters and who tries their luck. Too bad luck has nothing to do it. Not a lot of money but easy money. Hopefully enough to get us somewhere with big problems and big payouts.

Woo, a commission from Jay Naylor! Honestly, I'm just happy. He had free reign over posing and everything. Just gave him a very general idea of what I wanted "them with these weapons" and provided references for the characters and Vel's clothing. This came out great. I love how the shapes created by bodies and how the weapons making a kind of pinwheel effect. I'm also pleased with the tails vaguely making the infinity symbol (∞).

Have to say I'd commission him again if given the chance. Business like and friendly but not overly so on either front. The above had one of the faster turnaround times I've experienced, which surprised me because he runs a web comic and makes comics for his store front. I found the pricing fairly reasonable. All things considered I feel what I paid easily could have been the price of a rough pencil sketch.

Art © JayNaylor
Characters © Velute & Zaseishin

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