NachT - Velute Bikini by Zaseishin

NachT - Velute Bikini


16 January 2014 at 23:53:31 MST

Mmm, what can I say? When we go to the beach Velute turns some heads (and some crotches). I do get annoyed at guys diving after Frisbees. Seriously, they are the most clueless people. I've had my cooler knocked over. Seen kids' sandcastles crushed. And one found a rock in the sand with his face. I broke down laughing, Velute smacked my arm for it. She laughed with me when he was too far to hear us though.

If you want to pick up a chick at the beach at least try to pull what this guy did. He came over, confident as hell, complimented me, and offered me a drink. He asked if I was "really with that girl." I said I was and he backed off. Still, good try. When Velute and her girlfriend got back from their girl-talk-walk she was so pissed I turned down her chance to watch.

NachT said he wanted to do some bikini commissions and I manged to nail a slot.

Here is the ref of the bikini:

Art © NachT
Velute © Velute

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