Sonique - Velute BBG by Zaseishin

Sonique - Velute BBG


16 January 2014 at 23:30:59 MST

After we struck it rich finding the legendary Temple of Taiomuwa in the Grand Chasm Velute and I went back to Bay City and bought ourselves a tavern. We named it The Owlbear's Rest and before we knew it we had a regular patronage. While running the business never stopped our mercenary and assassin work we did enjoy a good deal of leisure time there. Velute would often dress up in some finer clothes and lounge sing for our guests. Some guys would come to the bar and ask if all the cat calls and whistles ever pissed me off. All I can do is shrug and let them know people can say what they want, I'm sleeping with her.

Sometimes when Sonique got bored she'd invite Velute and I into Open Canvas so we could dick around while she drew. Usually she'd sketch something random and we'd make comments or draw penises with the mouse pointer or whatever we thought could get her to laugh. A few times she felt like drawing us. I may have asked her one time but normally I tried to steer clear of requesting stuff from her. I just don't think that's how a friendship should work. BBG has meaning but it's a personal thing so I'll leave it be.

Art © Sonique
Velute © Velute

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