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Tarot Sample - Queen of Swords by Zannah

Tarot Sample - Queen of Swords


14 January 2013 at 09:36:26 MST

The great thing about needing sample/example art is I also get to make gifty things for people. =D So! After I get back from staffing FC, I'm planning to open a set of themed commission slots for Tarot Card art. This is something I've wanted to do for YEARS, but until recently, I wasn't sure I could actually pull it off. Each card will be done in color, watercolor over graphite as in the example, with the general theme and background of each card hopefully meshing with the character or characters involved.

I'm mostly planning to concentrate on the major arcana, but I can also do cards from the minor arcana, like this one where I've made Wielder into the Queen of Swords. =3 This was something I plotted out BEFORE she surprised me with lovely gift art the other day, thankyouverymuch. =P

I've got at least one more example to complete before I'll open for Tarot commission slots, and I'll post more concrete pricing at a later time. =) Though suffice to say, these'll be at somewhat of a discount from my regular commissions, so it'll be a pretty good deal! You'll basically be getting a full blown mini painting from me. Slots will be first come, first served, and I won't be doing duplicate cards this time around, so if there's a card or cards in the Tarot deck you're particularly fond of, make sure you talk to me soon after I open these up!

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    I see London I see France I see a old friend

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    I see London I see France I see a old friend