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Quit yer screamin', I's fix it fer ya! by Zannah

Quit yer screamin', I's fix it fer ya!


17 December 2012 at 23:52:48 MST

...And the fun continues! Wielder demanded more Pez and Roura, so clearly, it had to happen. =D Once again, story was written by perdikitti

She *couldn’t* tell her master that she’d lost her lightsaber. Not that lost was the proper word for it, of course. It was just...missing. Gone. Vanished.

All right, it was lost. But she still couldn’t tell her master. As it was, with Perdia on board the ship, her ability to practice was sometimes curtailed, and that impacted her form. And when it impacted her form, all she could think about was the compliment she’d received the last time she’d seen *him* and--

Roura took a deep breath. That line of thought had very little to do with finding her lightsaber and far more to do with daydreaming her way through hyperspace. And, as Master Skywalker often said, there were no problems that couldn’t be solved through the Force, although Perdia always smirked when he said that and started telling stories she’d heard about how he used to make out with his sister, which inevitably got Perdia grounded and then *she* had to watch her and -- and she really needed to focus on finding her lightsaber before her master returned to the ship.

“It has to be here, right?” Roura muttered under her breath. She’d not taken it off the ship when they docked at the station, and Master Lyles would never just take her lightsaber without telling her. Perdia had been fitted with a bio-sensor to make sure she couldn’t leave the ship, either, so the little monster hadn’t taken it. “Focus.”

The bunk was a little more cramped than it had been when she’d first joined her master as a padawan, but not so much that she couldn’t sit on it to meditate.  It was harder to find small objects like a lightsaber, even though she had a personal connection to hers in the Force.  Three Jedi lived aboard the *Cloud Dancer*.  There were currents everywhere.

One little spot stood out brighter than the rest, the little crevasse beside her workbench that she kept meaning to fix the next time they were on Yavin.  Roura shot to her feet and raced to the cargo hold.  Sure enough, the familiar silvery gleam of her lightsaber was just barely visible in the dim light.

The second her hand closed on the hilt, she felt what the Force had been trying to tell her past her worries and her fantasies.  *Danger*.  She dropped the lightsaber and--

It stuck.

Roura stared at her hand and shook it, splaying her fingers open.  The lightsaber didn’t budge.  A whiff of adhesive hit her nose a scant second later.


Claws scrabbled on metal plating out in the corridor, and the little terror careened into the hold. “Yah?”

Roura shook her hand ferociously. “What is this?!”

The kitten cocked her head, her oversized ears swiveling. “Looks like a lightsaber t’me. Didja hit yer head?”

She felt her eyes narrow. Anger was of the dark side, Roura reminded herself firmly. And the dark side was probably of Perdia, but that wasn’t a part of the code, and she was just a child, and children could be redeemed-- “Perdia,” she ground out through her teeth. “Why is it stuck to my *hand?*”

A devilish grin split the younger girl’s face. “I dunno. Why *is* it stuck to yer hand?”

“Per. Di. A.”


“You help me get it off my hand before Master Lyles comes back, or I’ll--”

“I’s fixin’ it, I’s fixin’ it, keep yer panties on,” Perdia advised, turning to rummage around in one of the storage lockers. Roura did her best to look stern.  The younger girl was completely uncontrollable unless she was reminded very firmly that she was *not* in charge.  “Here, I’s gets it.”

The shape of the lightsaber in Perdia’s hot little hands made no sense.  It didn’t look a thing like her practice saber, and it was oversized, and the wear on the grips was all wrong.

Recognition flooded her with fear.  “No! I don’t want help!”

The kitten ignored her, igniting the all-too-recognizable rainbow blade of their master’s saber. “Now, y’should quit screamin’ an’ hold *real *still, else we gots to get a new hand for ya someplaces, and those ain’t cheap.”

“No, no, no, no,” Roura growled, dancing away from the armed saber. “This is not happening. This is so not happening. Put the lightsaber *down*, Perdia!”

“But ya gotta get yers off yer hand!” she protested innocently, waving the saber toward Roura’s fingers. It came close enough that she could feel the heat of it through her fur.

“Nope! We’re good! We’re really good here!” Roura assured her frantically, ducking another off-balance swing.  “I meant to have my saber attached to my palm, you can put Master Lyles’ away!”

“Naw, s’kinda fun!” Perdia waved it toward her again. “Wanna duel?”

Scattered bits of clothing covered the decking, and there were distinct lightsaber trenches in the walls at chest height, the edges still glowing faintly from the heat of the blades. Zannah palmed her blaster and inched forward carefully, ears pricked forward for the slightest sign of danger. The Force had no warnings, no insights. It was unusual, but she’d been at this game long enough to know that the Force wasn’t infallible. None of her masters had seen Skywalker’s fall coming, or the Purges.

She found the elder of her two apprentices in the lounge, cleaning her lightsaber. It took her a moment to notice the problem with her left hand. It was completely bare of fur. “Roura...?” she asked cautiously.

The husky flushed and ducked her head down, her ears pinned to her skull. “Just cleaning my lightsaber, Master Lyles.”

Zannah centered herself for a moment. Her apprentice was a sensitive soul. Laughter wouldn’t help. “I...can see that. Where’s Perdia?”



“I put her in one of the storage containers.” Roura gave a slight shrug. “It’s got an oxygen supply in it, Master, she’ll be fine.”

Her lips twitched in spite of herself. “What happened?”

Roura kicked a can of engine solvent behind her. “Really, Master. Nothing happened.”

Zannah arched a brow. She couldn’t hold it together much longer. Another minute and she’d lose it.

“You don’t want to know,” Roura amended, cleaning a tufted glob of fur and something unrecognizable from the hilt of her saber.

“I see.” Zannah felt her lips twitch again. “Make sure you clean up when you’re done, Roura.”

“Yes, Master.”

“And let Perdia out before she runs out of air.”

Roura sighed. “Yes, Master.”

Pez belongs to perdikitti  
Roura belongs to rrchaser617  
Zannah belongs to me. =D

Fun times for all!

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