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Little Shadow by Zannah

Little Shadow


1 December 2012 at 16:58:08 MST

Story by Perdikitti

The holo of the galaxy spun lazily on its axis. Little sparks flared and then faded, marking the major stars and planets as they swirled past. He was out there somewhere in all of this. Asking Master Skywalker where they'd gone would hardly be subtle--not that there was any *need*, any *reason* to be subtle when asking after the whereabouts and location of another Jedi, Roura told herself quite firmly. It was simply a matter of friendly camaraderie and...

She couldn't even fool herself with that line of drivel.

A soft scuff behind and above her was the only warning she received. A fluffy, bedraggled kitten swooped down from the crates piled up in the corner, tumbling through the holo with all the grace of an airborne nerf that had suddenly recalled the law of gravity. Perdia crashed to a stop on top of the projector, limbs and tail tangled up in a helpless knot.

"What have I told you about spying on me?" Roura snapped.

The younger girl sat up with a scowl, ears flat and teeth bared. "I wasn't spyin' an' you can't prove it."

Roura frowned at her, one hand on the hilt of her lightsaber.

"Much," she amended, swinging her legs over the edge of the table. "'Sides, I'm not the one bein' bad."

"Just what is that supposed to mean?"

She hopped down, her tail swaying behind her. "You's thinkin' about him."

Heat bloomed over her cheeks, sweeping up into her ears. "I have no idea what you're talking about-"

The kitten sidled closer, her overlong tail twining close against the husky's ankles. "I thoughts he was gonna kiss ya, but he didn't."


“Roura an’ Janus, sittin’ up a tree, k-i-s-s-”

Roura lunged for her tail, but the kid was fast. She whipped it out of reach and danced sideways, her eyes alight with amusement. “Gots t’ get up way earlier’n you did if’s you’s gonna catch *me*,” she taunted.

“Jedi don’t boast.” Roura lunged again. Perdia spun sideways, and she came up with a fistful of rust-colored fluff. “You little monster.”

“Bets he didn’t kiss ya cause you’s got cootsies, like, bad. Big red ones, all over your face.”

The Force flowed into her without even thinking about it. She feinted left, and when Perdia leaped up to avoid the grab, Roura’s fingers closed hard on her scruff.

“Oy!” she yowled. “Lemme go! Put me down! Down! Down!”

The caterwauling covered the light steps of their Master perfectly. Roura didn’t know she was there until amusement spread through the bond they shared in the Force, light and golden. “Ladies, what...”

“I ain’t no lady! Put me *down!*” Perdia demanded.

Roura looked up at the vixen guiltily. Not so far up, she realized, as she had when they’d found Perdia, or when they’d first met. She was growing. “I’m sorry, Master. I didn’t mean to disturb your meditation. I was looking at the nav charts and--”

“She wants ta kimmmfff!”

Roura made sure the kitten could breathe past the fingers clamping her muzzle shut. “--and then Perdia and I began having a discussion about spying and the Jedi Code.”

Zannah’s mouth twitched. “I see.”

“We’ll try to keep it down, Master.”

She was already halfway out the door. “See to it that you do.”

Gift art, of a sort, for rrchaser617 and perdikitti and wielder, in response to this piece Wielder posted. =D Story was written by perdikitti, and this image popped into my head after seeing Wielder's piece, and reading Pez's story, so I had to illustrate it. The headfolk are loose again, OHNOES! @_____@;;

Pezlet and story snippet belong to perdikitti

Roura belongs to rrchaser617

Zannah is mine.

Janus belongs to wielder

None of us own STURWRSS, but we looooves it, yes we does. ^_^

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