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A Snack for the Goddess by Zalgotha

A Snack for the Goddess


"My my, aren't you just a scrumptious lookin' little universe right here. Mmm-mmm~ Oh, but you look so lonely out here. You should be in here rubs tummy. Plenty of other universes in there to keep you company. All of them, in fact ❤️. Mm-hmm, that's right~ Aaaaalllll of them 😋 Mmm~ don't you worry, little universe. You'll be home soon. Home sweet home~ Now, into my tummy you go~ 😋"

Ascending to goddesshood did little to dampen Reina's infinite appetite; if anything, it ramped it up even further. Now here she is, about to put away one last universe, the very last bit of everything not already housed inside her belly. Then, when it's all eaten up, that will be the end of the age of existence and the beginning of a new age, the age of the Goddess, an age defined foremost by Reina, the panda goddess who ate it all, and age that would never ever end. Would there be new universes? Yes, but they, like everything before them, would exist for one purpose and one purpose only — to fill her belly ❤️

An amazing sketch commission done for me by MirinaMeow on Twitter. They did a super amazing job! I love how it came out! Thank you soooo so much! 🥰

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