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Pary Levowski Reference by Zalcoti

Pary Levowski Reference


Another one done. I was afraid with the revamp Pary would change a bit too much. He turned out better this way.

EDIT: Finally added the 3/4th view. I just hope my art didn't shift too much from the side view since it tends to do that when figuring stuff out. I took my time with the anatomy and used tons of reference. Starting to understand shoulder, arm and hand anatomy. That tail still bothers me though so it might be fixed in the future. Clothes are next, which shouldn't take too long. I will do a pose and expression sheet for this guy.

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    I think you need to push the differences between these guys more if you want to make them instantly recognizable when they're not standing right next to each other for comparison.

    The changes you do have, like different heights and curve of the forhead, are not very noticable. What really makes a character recognizable is the ratio and placement between different features. For example, try changing the placement and shape of their eyes, length of the muzzle, size and placement of the jaw (like overbite/underbite). Exaggerate how much or how little the forhead slopes and how it connects with the crest. Switch up the chest to hip ratio, change the size of the limbs, change their posture, etc.

    Pick a few traits you want to focus on with each character and exaggerate them more than what you're probably comfortable with now. It's possible without making them too cartoony.

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      I think Pary will stay this way (or until I get sick of it and redraw it harharhar). The rest will most likely be pushed into other directions. I got two character books, a bunch of anatomy reference and basically a textbook on pterosaurs for help as Xmas gifts. Hopefully it will help make them stand out better. I kinda regret drawing them so quickly! Thanks for the input though, I really do appreciate it.

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        Sure, Pary can just be the "average guy" :P
        But yeah, real-life animals are the best inspiration source - And there are so many different pterosaurs to choose from!