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Zakraz Ref Version 2.1 (temp ref 2014) by Zakraz

Zakraz Ref Version 2.1 (temp ref 2014)


Art/Design/Zakraz © Zakraz
Fan based/inspired by another avian bird.
Guess right and I might add it.

Temp ref for Zakraz 2014 V 2.1
Until updated with a better one.

I do not plan to give this character any gender at all, so feel free
to call Zakraz what you want as Kraz grows as a character.

About Zakraz:

Name: Zakraz
Aka: Kraz /Za
Specie: Unknown (A large avian bird)

Kraz is a quite large avian bird who is able to fly/glide,
speak and like to hunt after smaller prey to eat.
Lives inside a hidden cave at the hill of a mountain.

Body parts info here:

  1. Wing
    Wings have the same color, both inside and outside.
    There's two wing spurs on each wing, they are able to
    grab light things/objects/persons/etc and hold it.

  2. Leg
    Each for has 3 toes and 1 dew claw. The inside toe is the shortest,
    the outside toe is a bit longer, the middle is long and the dew claw
    is about same length as the outside toe. All claws are thick and
    strong build to be used for what is needed.

  3. Eye
    Zakraz have a nictitating membrane, like
    most birds and use them once in a while.

  4. Beak / Maw [To be updated another day!]
    Top of inside beak is inspired by 'The Eurasian Coot'
    Found a few nice photos of some.
    Lower beak:
    Looks like it's smiling here:

  5. Extra things:

The blue collar around Zakraz neck:
The base of the collar is always blue. However anything else attached to it seems to
change sometimes the reason for this is unknown. Normally the end of them are
shaped like bird skulls hanging by a rope, left side shorter than the right side.

More to be added as Zakraz is still a new character of mine.

(Will add more info when needed until the new ref is uploaded.)

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    Seeing things like this just shows how much the individual is determined to pull off as much realism as possible in their art. Wish you the best, and I've realized lately that taking the time gather good references can cut a lot of time in the actual doing of the art. :)

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      Kraa! I really would like to say a good reply but all I can come to think on is this. [gives you a feathered hug]