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"My Girlfriend is a Miltank!" mock cover by Zai

"My Girlfriend is a Miltank!" mock cover


~A Tale of Love, Transformation, and Lactation~

It asks the age-old question: "Is it still forbidden love if your Miltank girlfriend was originally human?"

An idea I had a while ago when Pokemon Sun/Moon came out (or it might have been US/UM, not sure since they're 95% the same game). Those games were notorious for expanding on the Miltank lore and not-so-subtly kickstarting Miltank transformation fantasies, so I thought of this mock cover to a light novel where, if it wasn't obvious, your girlfriend is turned into a Miltank and then you probably have weird, kinky Miltank sex with her.

Last night I got bored and actually drew it out in my typical minimalist pixel style. Started with a canvas that was accurate comic size, using 1 pixel for every .1cm (168x260pixels) and then just blew it up 500% afterwards. It's nice because it flexes my creativity in such a small scale. It needs to look nice both pixel-perfect and when magnified.
...there's no forgiving that hand, though. Human anatomy sucks.
It was more about the idea than the execution. The word "Miltank" came out perfectly, though, right down to the Moo Moo Milk bottle bursting open for the "i".

Actual story coming... someday, maybe, if I ever feel assed to actually write a sappy, kinky, 2nd person, Miltank TF romance story.

Art by me.
Pokemon, Miltank are by Game Freak (not that they'd want to be associated with this, let's be honest).

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