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LazeSummerStone Mascot by Zaezar

LazeSummerStone Mascot


I have a new format I've been experimenting with on my streams. Where I find a fellow streamer that is currently live and we all go over to their chat and I get their favorite animal. Then using elements and ideas from their stream I make a character out of it. Basically making a "mascot" that they didn't ask for :D

Not actually a mascot of course. I simply jumped into LazeSummerStone's Twitch stream and asked what their favorite animal was. Then used inspiration from their content and stream layout colors to design this! A robot deer, whats not to love?

He goes by many names LazeSummerStone, WatermelonExo, That one kickass Destiny artist. Probably more too. He has a comic called "Exotic Watermelon Exo" that's a joy to read. While you don't have to be a Destiny the game fan in order to enjoy, it does make it better since you get all of the in-jokes.
Jake does streams over on Twitch where he works on artwork an occasionally games. He's a really happy dude and I enjoy seeing his insight into, well, everything he does! I sincerely suggest you go and give him a view here and there. You won't be dissapointed~

Character © LazeSummerStone on Twitch
Art © Zaezar

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    It’s a very cool design! :)