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She's just upset that she's awake by Zaezar

She's just upset that she's awake


Joined an art trade circle thing event thing in a Drawpile from a Discord thing. Listen, I knew about it but joined basically last minute alright :V

Anyways I got handed Boogeestro's character Isamine. Her hair is FABULOUS and I had to focus on it somehow. How about bedhead, anyone? She's a real cutie and thank you for having me draw her <3

I like Drawpile for how simple it is. But at the same time, I hate how simple it is. Added with the fact that I don't know all its features, it makes for awkward situations. Like this art, when I decided to do it all on one layer for effect. Also, I didn't know I could copy-paste her ref into the canvas so I could color pick the reference. Instead I did it the hard way and eyeball color matched the whole thing. It was near perfect too! Gotta flex that muscle sometime. Thats why I have the colors to the side there, it was the times I was testing things.

Character © Boogeestro on Furaffinity
Artwork © Zaezar
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    I really like how the hair looks. :)

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      Her hair was such a treat to work on! I think in the ref it was even poofier lol