Sharkify Cocoa! by Zaezar

Sharkify Cocoa!


31 July 2019 at 23:18:12 MDT

A shark week commission for Darkionnightfall of his Luvalope Cocoa. When we Box Sharkify a Luvalope we don't just make them a normal Box Shark. No, we turn them into a unique mix of the two that no one has ever seen before! Yes, she is still made of chocolate. We have checked~

I still have Shark Week Commissions open!

Character © Darkionnightfall on Furaffinity
Luvalopes © Zaezar
Artwork © Zaezar
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    I feel a close connection to the chocolate shark. Not sure why.

    Also, I just learned what a Luvalope is and I think I love them.

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      Chocolate shark is probably tasty. Just so long as you don't let too much saltwater mix with the caramel core.

      Luvalopes are a super fun species indeed! Glad you enjoy them too haha

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        I like a little bit of salt with my chocolate. That's why I think Mr. Goodbars are so tasty!

        However, I have to wonder, if someone was to take a bite out of a Yumalope, what would happen? Does it just grow back? That sounds ripe for shenanigans!

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          I leave that up to the interpretation of the owners, as its a fine line between "cute" and "horrifying" for various people! Personally I go with "its uncomfortable to remove a part, and it will grow back in time" but thats not okay with some people and thats why I don't have any hard rules with how that works~

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            Okay, yeah, that makes sense! I can see how that might be troubling for some people.

            Personally, I like the idea that they can heal off injuries and grow things back. So, biting is okay as long as there’s consistent. Non-consensual biting is a no-no. (The new M&M commercials are weird for me.)

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    This one looks pretty cool sharkified! :)

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      Yeah they turned out great!