Minecraft painting by Zaezar

Minecraft painting


3 April 2019 at 20:52:14 MDT

Get it? Its a painting IN minecraft! Okay okay, I am not clever. And I am too lazy to size this up. Deal with it. Its entirely intended to be used in the game.

On stream we have a series called the "Adventure Game" series. In this series, we set a goal in a game (usually "beat it") and when we accomplish it, the next stream we draw fanart of our adventure in it! Its super fun since in encourages us to make a lot of stories and have content for the fanart afterwords.

Minecraft lasts forever. If the goal was to beat the game, we would never do that this year. So instead we had an alternate goal. We set it to hardmode and played until we died! It lasted like 6 hours. Which is more then I expected given that I rarely play Minecraft. So we painted our house settled in our home biome. I had more fun with both the game and this artwork then I expected.

Artwork © Zaezar
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    Cute Mushroom Biome house :3
    It work as an actual painting in Minecraft? what size it is in game?

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      Info I could find said that the in-game resolution is 32×32. But it was shockingly hard to get anything concrete about if that's what the resolution the game uses or if its the resolution the aesthetic uses. If its the latter then I can just hand place the pixels to upsize it. So I went with a small image to cover my bases.

      Thank you for the compliment as well :D