GRIS by Zaezar



20 December 2018 at 18:51:38 MST

On Monday we streamed and beat GRIS a new game from Nomada Studios. While it has rave reviews, I feel that the game of it has little to no substance. Even going to far as to call it a bad experience and having it hinder it's emotions it's trying to portray. However, what it lacks in "game" it makes up for in it's look. It's such that you could get a screenshot of any point in it and swear it was a digital or watercolor painting. Go and look up the trailer for it. You won't be disappointed. Just probably don't play it unless you really feel like the look is worthwhile. Then again I seem like I'm in the minority with that, so maybe you will see something I couldn't. In the end, the artwork inspired this piece. I am so amazingly proud of it and I hope you enjoy it too!

Character © Zaezar
Box Sharks © Zaezar
Artwork © Zaezar
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    I really like the unique style and look of this piece. :)

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      I mean. Unique in the sense I copied the game style lol. I understand you though! People really are liking this artwork. I'm so glad you think so too <3

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        Yep. You do this with some of your game things, so it's what I meant! :)

        You're very welcome! :D