Fine China by Zaezar

Fine China


16 April 2018 at 09:00:24 MDT

A commission for EightTailFox on Furaffinity of his-made Box Shark "Fine China." Look at all that patterning! This is easily the most complicated Box Shark to date. But that doesn't stop me! In fact, I actually really enjoy the details like that. Naturally with such a harsh design, I put her in a nice sunny day with a parasol. Lovely.

Thank you for having me draw her! It took a while, but the end result it super worth it.

Character © EightTailFox on FA
Box Sharks © Zaezar
Artwork © Zaezar
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    This is a very cool design! (I'd never be able to draw it! I'm glad you can! XD)

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      I think this one is firmly outside my area of traditional experience. I can't blame you for not even wanting to approach it haha.

      The design is really near though. Lots of lace inspiration.

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        sigh The design is neat. Not near. Its not close to me at all :V

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          Alphabet can be hard sometimes. XD

          I think to do it traditionally--I'd have to use paint pens............and there'd be no shading involved whatsoever. XD

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            You miiiiight with latex covering paint stuff and watercolor. That could work, and get you smooth edges. But its not easy to use!

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              True that! nods