Suicune Kisses by Zaezar

Suicune Kisses


4 April 2018 at 11:52:07 MDT

Last of the commissions from the Pokemon stream. Eighttailfox from Furaffinity. Did you know that Suicune are freaking huge? I didn't until I had to draw this one. Eight's outfit was the most challenging to make. Simply because the base idea of it is a bit simpler above the waist. I still really like the end result of it though!

Character © EightTailFox on Furaffinity
Artwork © Zaezar
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    I know the anime can be misleading on Pokémon sizes too, because they don’t have them accurate to game sizing. I remember just going though the Pokédex in one game just to see the sizes in relation to the Trainer! :)

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      This one was actually fairly accurate. I just never had the right size in my head. The game said they are 6ft tall, with 4 legged animals that means to the shoulder (since head is super difficult to judge between animals). And the anime they were riding it as a horse. Given they are kids, that would add up. Even if they judged 6 ft from paw to the head that would be mostly believable.

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        Some Pokémon are different in the anime.....mostly a lot of the Bug Pokémon. It’s rather frightening how large a Spinarak is to a Trainer. I guess they figure bugs are small. XD