Datenight by Zaezar



18 December 2017 at 12:49:43 MST

"How do you break a jacket? Its cloth!"
"Do you honestly want to know?"
"That response worries me..."

One of the biggest ships of my characters, Wynn and Viola. Viola isn't gay, but Wynn sure as hell is. Makes a kinda a one sided situation here. But Wynn does convince Viola to go out on "dates" sometimes. And I'd like to remind people that Box Sharks make very little body heat. So Viola has to layer up like mad in the winter or else she will get bad quick.

This comic was made entirely because the community wanted it. From the original idea of shipping them, to actually putting together the fish to make it happen. Originally I was going to have them actually on a date proper, but given that it was going to be a hallow experience anyways (Wynn bribed Viola to go on the "date"). I decided to instead make a sweet moment while on the way. Feels more important :)

Characters © Zaezar
Artwork © Zaezar
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    Probably broke the zipper. A coat is useless after that. Especially in winter. chuckle

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      You aren't wrong. And that is withing the realm of possibility. But now imagine breaking a jacket in a comically strange and over the top way. That is probably what happened :P

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        You're probably right about seems like "crazy" is "normal" here. :)

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    Maybe it was a Wynn-d Breaker


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      But Wynn is fine. I don't get it.
      And here I thought I heard every Wynn pun there is. Goddammit.