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Other Species


19 March 2017 at 13:47:02 MDT

I am not entirely certain what they are asking here. If it was about the character there, then I would have changed the design if I wasn't happy with it. If it was about IRL me... Well that area, right where the black ends and the red begins, is a literal tattoo on my arm. I spent months designing it so it looks exactly how I wanted and went to a professional in the big city near where I lived to get it done. Its a multi-meaning tattoo design. It also makes me really easy to spot at conventions ;)

Working slowly but surely through the character asks. They are still open if anyone has any questions for any of my characters. Just be clear about who you are asking it towards ^^

Character © Zaezar
Art © Zaezar
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    it's... wha... why?! Is it not perfectly obvious!? When a person makes their persona they generally make it look like the anthro animal they would most like to be!
    ...there's no point to asking that question... XD
    Perhaps I'm a little too confused by this haha