Past Time by Zaezar

Past Time


7 January 2017 at 17:00:51 MST

Currently, Young the Giant. Next up? Probably Crywank or some other Indie tune.

Wrapping up the asks. I will be getting through all of them today!

Character © Zaezar
Art © Zaezar
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    Oh so she's like me and listens to music all the time XD
    I may have a problem... and my sister isn't helping...
    She got me a beanie with bluetooth speakers. Now I can literally send music from my phone to my hat, and listen at any time.
    That makes the third year in a row I've gotten some kind of headphones for christmas.

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      No one get me headphones, because they can't beat the pair I have. Or are willing to buy something more expensive haha.
      Why do I like expensive headphones ;-;

      But I've seen those around. I would have picked them up myself sometime if I could wear hats. My hair/head size doesn't quite let me have hats too often lol.

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        'Why do I like expensive headphones'
        Because they actually get the job done right.

        Also, I recently got my hair cut too short by my mother... so the hat doesn't present any problems yet XD