WaterShark by Zaezar



16 August 2016 at 15:44:19 MDT

A traditional piece featuring Viola. I like underwater scenes a lot, but copic markers are not great for large backgrounds like this. That being said, this is my favorite thing I have made it a while. So many different media used! It felt like I was done after every step, even when I knew I had a lot more to go. I would do this again.

Character (c) Zaezar
Art (c) Zaezar

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Visual / Traditional


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    Ah, what a cutie! Great watery reflections. :D

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      Viola is such a cuuuute! Thank you :D

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    This is really super pretty! :D

    I don't know if you want to try this...but I buy art stores' house brands of markers for backgrounds. I've used Michael's Artist Loft and Hobby Lobby's The Fine Touch...they're both pretty durable over large surfaces, even if they don't blend as nicely as Copics. :)

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      The issue is the large area. I am thinking of picking up an airbrush or some super bold markers to do that bit.

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        The airbrush idea could work. :)

        I've used the house markers on 9x12 Bristol for backgrounds and don't get much dissipation or streaking. So I use them pretty constantly for large areas...and they're half the price of Copics.

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          I actually could use an airbrush for my models, too. So I might just get it for that >->

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            It could be pretty fun to try! :D