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The Empress Tarot Card (new version) by ZackLoup

The Empress Tarot Card (new version)


29 April 2016 at 12:08:24 MDT

The Empress is representative of love, fertility, beauty, creativity, and grace. She is archetypal mother figure. The Empress could represent a person in your life, or she could be calling on you to get in touch with your feminine side; through art, through self care, through nurturing, or to get in touch with your sensuality.

Here, the Empress is portrayed by the rare non-fetishized pregnant furry. Originally Lucy was the Empress, but that character doesn't have a mothering bone in her body to be frank. She is a much better Queen of Swords.

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    It's funny that you mentioned "the rare non-fetishized" pregnant furry, no offense to the fetish though~

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      Yeah I didn't mean it offensively. xD I mean, I have the oviposition fetish which kind of skirts the line with the pregnancy fetish. It's just kind of nice to just see a mother furry who is just that and not a sex object.

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        Very true, and it kind of goes with my theory that near everything involved with furrydom is unintentionally sensual~

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          On one hand, it makes it hard to explain when I'm like "furry is a fandom not (just) a fetish)" to non-furries, on the other hand I really kinda appreciate how chill the furry fandom is about kinks and weird shit. You have to be really next level fucked up for furries to shun you.