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Just your usual gray wolf trying to do trouble and stay outta better...

"If I derped any harder... I'd be mistaken for a genius and then be dead."

AKA: "BoozeWolf"
Partner in Crime: zomgshiny

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Giving Up on Video Updates

Hey guys!

It's been a weird journey on Weasyl. A while back I had almost all of my submissions removed from the site. Apparently the content of my videos are considered as "not original work" and are not allowed as Multimedia submissions. I spoke with them and they mentioned that I could carry on uploading the thumbnails of the videos with links to them in the description. So, I carried on with this because it allowed me to continue promoting the work I've been doing. However, it seems that reusing the thumbnails with different episode counts is considered "Redundant." Which means that I could only put one submission down for the entirety of a series of Let's Plays.

All that being said, I will no longer be submitting videos on Weasyl. I was given the option of moving over to journals... But, I'm pretty sure I'll be told a few months from now that I am not allowed to do that either. And even if not, I just don't really see the point as I know that putting it in journal form over and over would not be appealing to anyone who sees it here. The images were helped give a aesthetic appeal to the submissions that the journal postings do not and I'm pretty sure just journals would be fairly ineffective when it comes to promoting YouTube on an episode-by-episode basis.

I'm not leaving Weasyl or trying to speak against them however. It's a good site that has its own policies which I and everyone else has to adhere by. So, while this sucks for me on some level, I understand. I will still post art, search/ commission artists, and post the occasional journal update, I suppose.

Still, for those of you who enjoyed the videos, commented, and favorited I thank you so much for taking the time. Videos will continue on our YouTube and if you want to keep watching you can always Subscribe to our ZandZ Youtube Page and catch zomgshiny and I there.

Or if YouTube isn't your thing, you can follow us on our Twitters:

or watch our FAs at:

Whatever you guys decide, thanks again for the good times. And I'll see you around. ;)

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    Thanks for the follow

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    Thanks for followin'! I really appreciate it. ^^

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      Gladly man. You were great at TFF and FWA this year. Look forward to seeing more stuff from you and future shows. ^_^

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    Hey, thanks for following! I'm pretty sure you've already gotten your free album from me, right?

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      I did indeed. XD I just never realized that you were posting stuff here instead of FA.

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        Well, until FA supports Soundcloud and YouTube embeds as submissions, this is really the only Furry option I've got for posting stuff!

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    waves wildly Hai, Zack!!! X3

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      cheeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Leaps into the air and tuckle-snugs TAH!!!!!! ^o^/