An Inherently Cosy Person by Yza

An Inherently Cosy Person


7 November 2016 at 21:13:12 MST

About time I uploaded something different. Here is a character I designed almost a year ago. It's weird that it's been so long. I just did what I felt like in making them, though I do remember I was thinking of sweater. I quite like cosy sweaters.

I adore fun and creative character design. I enjoy coming up with all sorts of different characters. I'm sure I could do better than I do, but I try. This one, like many others was made for the fun of it and as an excercise. I did a lot more of this stuff before I had friends to draw.

There's not much to say on the character theirself. I'd love to use them for something, sometime, but I haven't fleshed them out at all yet. I think it's nice they exist, waiting to find their place.

You likely noticed that I've not been gendering this person at all. I tend to do this with most of the characters I design on whim. I generally avoid gendering them until I know them better. It's probably pretty easy to infer a few things about me from this. There is, however, more reason to it than recognising that boobs and and overall feminine appearance doesn't make someone female and a general appreciation of the rich spectrum of gender. This character is most likely going to get integrated into a setting of mine where gender is far too diverse and complicated to really mean much to anyone. It's where a lot of my characters end up. Also, I just like designing characters with no regard or attatchment to gender.. I love it.

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