Retaliate by yut



18 May 2015 at 22:47:11 MDT

Art by aggro_badger aggro_badger

In today's modern era, technological leaps and advances for the snipers and marksmen in the field have become more small, subtle improvements instead. Increasing one's accuracy, range and efficiency, but no longer the quantum leaps afforded by bow and arrow, crossbow, gunpowder, rifling or optics.

All the same, one well-placed round from a Barrett M107 rifle can make just as much a difference in an engagement as any of its predecessors could in battles of their day.

(Note, yes it's supposed to be sort of a ghillie suit and I know the rifle ought to be covered as well, but artistic liberties, blah blah)

"I can almost sense
Your skin on my fingers
Tension and the fear
Anticipating me

I can almost see you
Somewhere in the darkness
Praying for advantage
Clinging to a chance

Justice never wavers
It is my single purpose
Relentless the pursuit
I will find you where you hide
Counting on your indecision
Deciding when to strike
Calculating movement
The senses of the chase

The game of chess begins
The pieces moved in place
Your advantage growing slimmer
Your options running thin
The hunt is what defines us
Imminent defeat
The back of your shirt soaking
Fear all you can feel

One of us the hunter
One of us the prey
One of us the victor
One to walk away
One who's left remaining
One of us who stands
One who lies defeated
Beneath the other's hands
When the dust is settled
Only one of us will see
Which of us was worthy
Which of us was weak
And when this fight is over
Only one of us will say
Which of us the victor
And which of us the prey"