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Da machine! by yut

Da machine!


Art by tadcooga as a three-part pay what you want commission.

So I bumped into this cougar friend of mine from years ago, we had grown distant.. We reconnected, and he said he needed my help with something..

When I woke up and the tranquilizers wore off, I found myself in some sort of device with no obvious way out.. There was a hum in the air, and I could feel static bristling my fur..

Then things really got weird.. Everything got all big.. and my clothes dun fit anymore... An there was a pinch.. an an.. an..

Play? :D~


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    If you don't mind me asking, how did you add the user icon to this?

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      The syntax I used is  ![]user:tadcooga (with the user:name in parentheses. The bit after the bang is brackets [ ] without a space)

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        Thank you so much!